About My services

Hi! My services include specialist interpreting for business visitors who desire to communicate clearly with their Chinese business partners. I have 11 years of experience in shipment inspections, factory tours and arranging visits to negotiate deals and solve problems, with suppliers and buyers, in a variety of industries. I will make sure that you understand everything that is said in every conversation including the little details that are often overlooked but still important. I can also fill you in on background conversations between the people you meet that might not normally be translated but could be important to your success. If you want to visit some tourist attractions while in China or taste the local cuisine I also help you with this aspect of your visit. I can ensure activities such as ordering meals or checking in and out of your hotel goes smoothly.

I look forward to hearing from you.

More About My services

I'm Cindy Zhang and I live in the beautiful and business friendly city of Qingdao, located in the coastal province of Shandong, China. For the past 11 years I have provided a well-organized, professional, bilingual (Chinese/English) interpreting and personal tour guide service for visitors to China in Qingdao and other cities and towns across Shandong.

I am cheerful and friendly and, whether your visit is for business or tourism (or both), I would be delighted to assist you in tailoring your itineraries and accompanying you, so that you can acomplish all your goals during your stay in China.

- For business trips, I can accompany you to exhibitions and on visits to buyers or suppliers. Over the years I have assisted in numerous business negotiations, product inspections, factory visits, special product and sales training events, in addition to facilitating meetings in which interpretation assistance was required.
- For sightseeing tours, I have deep knowledge of Qingdao’s unique cultural heritage, ancient and modern history, its natural mountainous and coastal landscapes, its fine restaurants, entertainment and shopping outlets and, of course, I would be delighted to show you around.

My Skills as Interpreter

My key advantages as a professional English language interpreter operating in the Qingdao area are:
- I am well presented
- I am trustworthy and honest. My reputation is my business
- I am a good listener (attentive to what’s being said by Chinese factory managers and staff, gathering information that may not apparent to English speaking clients which are critical to successful business negotiations)
- I have an extensive vocabulary of English and Chinese
- I am culturally aware
- I can work in stressful situations or when dealing with difficult negotiations

I look forward to meeting you soon.

English qualifications

- Batchelor’s Degree in English Education and English Language (four year course covering listening, speaking, reading, and writing)
- Tertiary qualified translator, English level certificate TEM8 (Senior English Major) CET6 Level 6 Spoken English
- IELTS Overall 6.5, Band B


- Taught English at a reputed international training school in Qingdao for 3 Years

English interpreter

- Employed as English interpreter for six years with in a European trading company based out of Qingdao. The job involved daily interaction in English with clients across Europe.

commercial interpreter

- As an independent commercial interpreter and translator for 11 years I have worked effectively on a range of assignments with clients from a broad range of countries including USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK, and Ireland.

For every assignment I am 100% committed to ensuring the best outcome for my client

Examples of successful commercial assignments include:

  • November 2007, Canton Fair, Garments interpreter.
  • 2009, American Automobile company sourcing for parts suppliers, interpretation, and translation of technical details.
  • 2010, Germany specialists on fertilizer exporting from Germany to China, assisted in market exploration..
  • 2011, Qingdao International Exhibition trading business supplier, meetings interpreter
  • 2012, Dutch company dealing with logistics, interpreting and factory visits
  • 2013, Professional Medical instrument training seminar interpretation for Australian Specialists
  • May 2014, Canton Fair Garment exhibition, interpreter
  • November 2014, Qingdao's China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2014, Danish customer, interpreter
  • 2015, Garlic Ginger Export Factory with Canadian Clients Negotiation and Factory visits
  • 2015, Luxury Furniture Shop, Italian Group Training with 6-7 people Seminar in English
  • 2015, High-tech Medical Instrument Importing Seminar with Experts Directors from famous Hospital of Qingdao
  • 2015, Software company from Suzhou, European Client with Local Qingdao Government staff meeting
  • 2016, Qingdao's China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2016, Negotiations, Communication between factory and different clients all over the world
  • 2016, Glass factories visiting. Negotiations for client from Canada
  • 2016, Huandao Factories of Automated carwash, Arabian and Chinese
  • 2016, No.2 Middle School Australian and Chinese headmaster negotiation
  • 2016, Intercontinental hotel group, Chinese President and Philippines Manager
  • 2016, Truck Factories, Australian Clients Negotiation
  • 2016, Furniture Company and South American Clients visiting, offering and tourist visit of Qingdao
  • 2016, Tourist Guide of Australian Couples visiting Qingdao, Lao Shan, Beer Factory, etc during Beer Festival
  • 2017- 2018, RV vehicles inspection, high level negotiations between Factory and Australian company Managing director, on an ongoing basis, involving face to face boardroom discussions, technical discussions with designers and engineering staff. Shipment inspection prior to loading
  • 2017, Polish Clients and meetings at Carton factories.
  • Booked again after that meeting visiting Shanghai Clients
  • 2017, American Clients visiting towel factory around Qingdao
  • 2017, Huangdao Chemical factory inspection visit
  • 2017, Huangdao RV factory visiting with New Zealand Client
  • 2018, Hangzhou Caravan factory visiting with Australian Client

Client Reference: From Clyde King Australia

  • I have used Cindy Zhang as a translator on three occasions so far on numerous factory visits , shipment inspections and during boardroom discussions and negotiations as well as social outings for dinners with suppliers . On all occasions I found her to be fast and reliable and a pleasure to have around. She is able able to pick up some difficult technical concepts quite quickly. She stayed calm when negotiations became heated and kept me informed of the background discussions between the staff which can be very advantageous. I have no hesitation in recommending her.  
    Clyde King

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